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The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Your Scrap Car

Easy, convenient, and environmentally friendly, we make disposing of scrap vehicles a breeze.

What We Buy

Dundee Recycling accepts all types of vehicles, running or not.

Complete Cars

Your vehicle is considered complete as long as all parts are still attached, and it is still considered complete whether it runs or not. We offer set pricing on complete car recycling depending on the type of vehicle.

Quick and easy drop

Your vehicle will be classified as unprepared when there are missing parts, such as wheels, battery, catalytic converter etc. Prepared vehicles are weighed on our scale and paid on a price per ton basis.

Required Documentation

The Ownership of your vehicle MUST be present, and signed at the time of recycling your vehicle, or we will be unable to complete the process.

How We Buy?

We accept vehicle drop-offs at your convenience during business hours, or we would be happy to schedule a pick-up time for vehicles you are unable to bring in for whatever reason. We recycle unwanted vehicles in an environmentally conscious manner using proper disposal methods.

Car Pickup Services

Dundee Recycling will pick up your vehicle with our tilt & load tow truck, making it easy and convenient for you to recycle your car!

Drop it off

Drop off your vehicle at our facility for a fixed price on complete cars or payout by weight on prepared vehicles. We also offer free disposal of unwanted tires.

Learn About our Car Donation Program

Donate your unwanted vehicles and support Nutrition for Learning in local schools.

SEDA system

Dundee Recycling complies with all SEDA system regulations. Our process allows us to drain all fluids and waste from the vehicle in an environmentally friendly way. Vehicles are recycled professionally through the recycling streams, ensuring liquids are never released into the air or ground.

Our Process

We’ve made our process quick and convenient for customers visiting our facility. When you arrive at Dundee recycling, these are the simple steps we’ll guide you through to get cash for your metal.

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